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There are always trends in the party scene, but especially with wedding decor. One of the most popular trends currently is a flower wall. If you’re not familiar with what this is here’s a quick explanation; It’s literally what it says ‘on the tin’ – a big panel (usually ceiling height and 4-5metres wide) absolutely full of flowers. They’re available in a multitude of colours, sizes, flower mixes and textures and make for a great backdrop to top tables and photos.

With this in mind, and many couples deciding to get married with so many florals, succulents and grasses in their theme I kept feeling there was more to a DJ booth than the standard twinkling lights. Don’t get me wrong, there is always room for pretty lights, but they just don’t sit right in a rustic barn surrounded by flower walls and low growing foliage on tables!

After a bit of online research I saw time and time again the pictures used in magazines and on websites had flowers everywhere. One of my favourite websites to keep an eye on is bride magazine. Their article on the trends to keep an eye on for 2019 was a good start for me!

After a little more research I found no where offered an ‘off the shelf’ flower wall suitable to sit on a DJ booth. There are printed Lycra cloths but they look a tad underwhelming! So off I started on a mission of created my own. Having owned an events company which included a florist years ago I was in good stead to be able to complete my mission. Here’s a quick insight to how I created it…

I was conscious of the colours remaining neutral to ensure the flower wall booth would compliment any colour scheme. I found some cream hydrangea panels I could attach together to be the ‘base’ of the flower wall. This was the panels all linked together to create the base of the flower wall booth cover…

Hydrangea flower wall Norwich

All the panels I attached together with so many pieces of florist wire I could almost see the bones in my fingers! It was totally worth it though as the job is neat and all the panels are together more securely than just the hook and eye system it is built with. As it’s being moved around day in day out it needs to be strong and sturdy.

Then came the fun part, attaching extra flowers to give the flower wall some depth. The artificial flowers were all on stems – which needed snipping off and then attaching permanently with yet more florist wire…! You’ll see the slight accident I had with the scissors and my finger. Not ideal as the colours are all neutral and they didn’t need random splodges from me all over the flower wall! Haha!

Norwich flower panel wall

As you can see from the picture, I ensured I kept my work neat attaching the flower wall panels together and then additional flowers.

It is hung over the booth in that picture and you can see there’s a handy hook to pop my scissors in where the booth shelf usually sits.

All in all I spent around 5 hours playing around with this and making sure there were enough flowers without being too over the top, but enough that it didn’t look sparse.

Boutique DJ Norwich

The next interesting part was how to actually attach the flower wall booth cover to the booth so it can be transported and stored securely. I decided white over the door hooks would probably be the best way, quick and easy to assemble and not permanently attached meaning people have the choice between which booth cover they would like when booking; the black or white twinkling booth, or this flower wall booth cover.

The great news is – there is no additional charge to hire this flower wall booth cover when you hire me as your mobile DJ, you just need to ensure your booking contract includes the flower wall booth cover at point of booking!

If you have any friends or family looking to book an experienced DJ for their wedding or party with a pretty booth please feel free to share this blog with them! From here you can also see my popular q&a blog, a great place to answer any initial questions!

If you have any feedback with the flower wall please feel free to get in touch, you never know, I may make another with slightly different colours…

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