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There are so many ways to through a party at your evening reception. From a standalone karaoke system, to hiring a speaker system and lighting system to play your pre prepared playlist, entrusting a band or an experienced DJ to ensure your party goes with a bang. 

There are a few things you may want to consider whilst deciding how to entertain your guests, and how to build your perfect, own playlist. Don’t get me wrong, an experienced DJ like myself will always have a rough idea of what to play at events, including weddings, even if there has been no input from the party host, bride or groom. From the party reaction I’ll get more of an idea of what your crowd are responding to and be able to follow their lead with the songs I pick from there. 

If you decide to create your own full playlist for your guests so it can play itself and you simply enjoy the party you may want to think about how your evening reception will flow. Will you have your cake cutting as part of your evening reception? Will this be before your first dance? If so, you may want to keep ambient background music going until you are ready to cut your cake. With the playlist for your reception consider things like the number of songs – you’ll need enough music to last the night – will people be able to skip the tracks? If they can, you’ll ideally need to allow for this! Is there a particular genre you like? Do the majority of your guests enjoy the same genre? If they do.- that’s great! You can base your whole playlist on the music you love. If you’re not so sure they will then you may be best to add a few well known ‘gems’ from your genre throughout the whole playlist in order to give your dance floor the best chance of being party central. Some other things to consider are if you are having any other evening entertainment. If you’re having a fun casino for a few hours during your reception this may well draw your party crowd away from the dance floor, so you may want to keep your favourite ‘bangers’ until roughy after the fun casino is due to end. If you have other types of entertainment such as a Photo Booth, the party can only go in a few at a time and so won’t be so drawn in their masses. 

Hiring an experienced DJ means you can sit back and relax at the thought of having your wedding reception party taken care of. Announcements can be made over the microphone by the DJ, at any moment. You and your guests will be able to make requests and the DJ can filter these, if required! When you book your DJ you’ll be able to chat through your music tastes and requirements and give a few must play tracks. Hiring a DJ you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that your dance floor is given the best chance of being party central, with you in the centre of it. The music can be adjusted at the drop of a track, if required  but also if you and your guests are loving a certain, perhaps unexpected genre, it can be played out for longer, and explored again and again. If you’re considering an experienced DJ to take care of your wedding, there may be questions you have for them. I have answered a few questions you may want answered about your wedding reception, which can be found here

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you have found it thought provoking with your requirements!

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