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I have provided my disco and DJ services to many hen party’s in Norfolk! From my full mobile disco hire in private hen party houses around Norfolk, to DJ hire only for hen party themed nights in Norwich. Each and every hen party is very different, but every one I’ve provided my DJ hire to has been awesome fun!

From the moment I have a hen party enquiry land in my inbox I get very excited, then frowned at by my lovely husband because I might squeal a little. If I’m on the phone to a hen party disco enquiry I often get asked to move rooms as my excitement has taken over the room and noise! Although to be fair, that can be said for all my disco booking enquiries…

There are so many hen party ideas it makes each and every party unique. I’ve worked alongside a wide variety of hen party extras – from bands, to butlers in the buff, casinos and a huge amount more in between. I’ve also provided my mobile disco for hen parties around Norfolk with no other extras. These have been just as, if not more fun, than a night with a host of extras.

My experience of being a hen party DJ comes from a wide variety of settings. Not only have I worked in a number of private party mansions, I have worked in hotel settings for ladies theme nights which are synonymous as being a great setting for hen parties. Usually on theme nights I work alongside an ‘act’, whether that’s a band or artist or a group of strippers.

When you book me as your DJ, I will do as much as I can to ensure the night goes without a hitch and the most fun can be had by your whole hen party squad. Here is one example of a hen party from a private party house in South Norfolk.


Date: One Saturday night at the start of summer 2018

Venue: Haugh Farm private party rental 

Number of guests: Approximately 20 adults (including the bride to be’s male best friend!) 3 children under 5

How the night evolved: I messaged the lady organising the hen party during the morning to say I would arrive at the agreed time and to ask for a specific door to be left open meaning I could set up with no need to disturb the hen party preparations for the evening. When I arrived at Haugh Farm to set up the door was open, so once I had set up I went to find the hen party who had (mostly) started the drinking in the garden as it was a beautiful sunny evening. The bride to be was dressed in white, her hen squad dressed in black – they were certainly dressed to impress! The bride to be was keen to have a picture at the start of the evening in their party clothes outside the house. Obviously I was keen to take the picture on behalf of the hen party so all of the hen squad was included. After a few giggles trying to organise the group  of who was to be standing where I took a few pictures on a few phones – one of which you can find in my gallery. As soon as the picture was arranged I went back to the party room to have some party music ready to play. From this moment the whole hen party were ready to party. I was given a brief of 00’s r’n’b music being a hit with most of the hen squad, but mostly the bride to be. I started the night with some well known 80’s dance tunes – think Cameo, Word Up!… I moved between the 80’s and 90’s, 00’s and current well known radio edits for a while all whilst playing a great drinking game! (except the children who were shortly having to retire to bed). I have a host of drinking games I can use at hen parties if the squad wish. The game of choice tonight was ‘Buffalo’. What fun this was! (click on the link if you’d like to know more on that particular drinking game!) The game lasted all night, but the mix of 80’s and 90’s didn’t… I was told part way through the beginning of the night a stripper was booked for 10pm – knowing strippers I knew he wouldn’t arrive until much later! As I knew this I decided to keep the requested r’n’b until around this time. After all most strippers like to do their routine to 90’s r’n’b! I asked the organiser if she had a plan to get the stripper in to keep him as a surprise. And oh my, yes she did and it was an awesome plan! The hen squad had played a game of trick or treat cards earlier that day. One of the cards was to nominate someone to do a strip tease to the bride to be. The plan… To use this dare card when the stripper was ready to come in. We had the bride to be sit on a chair, put a blindfold on and have a strip tease by a member of her hen squad. You can probably guess what happened… As soon as the hen squad started we got the stripper in to take over. To say the bride was shocked is an understatement!! The song choice I used for the strip tease (to start it) was Ginuwine – Pony. A classic 90’s r’n’b tune, great to strip to (apparently!) and one I know strippers love. The whole room was fully involved with the stripper and so he was loving his job! All I needed to do was take care of the music! Following this, the already electric atmosphere was ramped up another notch and so I used my music choices to ensure it remained. I still played 90’s r’n’b tunes. But rather than the sensual radio edits, I mixed the rest of the night with club remixes of the 90’s tunes everyone knows, and sings along with. Being a versatile DJ is paramount to ensuring all parties are the best they can be!


The question I get asked time and time again…. Do you think it makes much of a difference being a female DJ at a hen party in Norfolk? My answer – absolutely YES!! Not only does a female completely understand the expectations of a hen party, but also hiring an experienced hen party DJ in Norfolk can make the night one to remember. Personally speaking, as a wife, mother of 3 (2 daughters and a fur baby!) there isn’t much I haven’t seen! So whatever happens at your hen party certainly won’t be frowned upon (it will be encouraged where appropriate), your hen squad will feel at ease the whole night, and you’ll have a DJ in charge of the tunes you’ve requested with an edge of ‘LET’S PARTY!!’

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