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I absolutely love to provide a mobile disco to any party, but I already knew this particular 30th birthday party was going to be a banger of a night before it started! Mostly because I had the pleasure of providing the wedding reception disco of the birthday girl a few years ago.

Date: a dreary Saturday night in January

Venue: The Oakland’s Hotel – the Yare Suite

Number of guests: Approximately 90 including a few children

How the evening evolved: I was booked to provide the disco for the 30th birthday party over a year before the party. The birthday girl was so keen to book me she ensured I was available before confirming the venue – what a massive compliment to receive! The birthday girl has been following my social media for a while, and was so pleased with the service she received from me before she knew I was fully experienced in all things birthday parties. So much so I was asked for my recommendations for good quality yet fun photo booths. The chosen one was one of my favourite recommendations – Great Fun Photobooths. I have worked with Tony and his team at a number of functions and it’s always great fun! At the party there was also a lady booked who was spinning fresh candy floss, lots of donuts and sweets provided by the birthday girl and chip cones which were provided by the venue. The theme of the 30th birthday party was Only Fools & Horses and so there was a brilliant birthday cake in the theme of Only Fools & Horses.

As there were family, friends and work colleagues invited to the party the birthday girl agreed a good idea would be to have upbeat background music playing until after the chip cones had been served. This meant there was more of a pivot to the evening, especially as she was very keen to have the best time at her party. During the planning times we had discussed the possibility of a speech straight after singing happy birthday and cutting the cake. The birthday girl decided in the end she wouldn’t have a speech. This wasn’t a problem at all – I was more than happy to get everyone involved in the singing of happy birthday and ensuring as many people came to the dance floor as possible. By allowing background music until the chips and birthday cake cutting it meant there was lots of time for people to enjoy the photobooth, have a catch up with friends and family who haven’t seen each other in a while, and for me to ensure the party was sorted and flowing. There were a few times an issue needing sorting, or the venue lights needed adjusting. Having the background music allowed me to sort these issues with no precious time being taken by the birthday girl – she could just come and let me know what she wanted, what needed chasing and I could sort with the venue staff. Having me to sort these bits meant the venue only needed to worry about one person asking for help rather and carrying on with their jobs. But more importantly the birthday girl could carry on mingling and just pop over to me rather than wait at the bar for the staff.

As soon as the cake had been cut, we all sang happy birthday and the house lights had been dimmed it was time to get the party well and truly started. The tune I chose to start the evening off with was Madness, House of Fun as Madness is one of the birthday girls favourite bands. From there I quickly moved into the 90’s with some pop cheese by the Spice Girls, b*witched and S Club 7, then a sprinkling of indie and after that it was a mix of 90’s, 00’s and current dance and chart music. The dance floor never emptied and the fun didn’t want to stop! The final song of the night was the Only Fools & Horses theme tune – purely because it was very fitting with it being an Only Fools & Horses themed 30th birthday party.

To concur, as I say always, I love all aspects and every event possible when it comes to DJing. Having a wealth of experience in a vast amount of settings means I will do all I can to ensure your party is the best it possibly can be. From helping ensure other suppliers know where to set up, to announcing the other suppliers to you and your guests to encourage lots of fun with them and then ensuring the best time on the dance floor it’s safe to say I’m not only a DJ, I’m an event host and runner to ensure you and your guests are having the best time! That said… I’m always more than happy to remain behind my booth DJing if that’s the best place for me!

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