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With the Christmas Party Season fast approaching you may be looking to hire a professional, corporate DJ in Norwich, Norfolk to host your perfect Christmas Party. In the word’s of Andy Williams, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and every DJ in Norfolk I know would agree! All guests at your party, whether it be a company party, family celebration or large scale corporate party, all your guests will be keen to let their hair down and dance the night away just as soon as the delicious traditional Christmas dinner is devoured. As with all parties, no 2 Christmas parties are ever the same – even if it’s less than 24 hours after the previous party, at the same venue. With a mixture of well known chart hits, party classics and a few festive hits sprinkled in, I’ll be sure to keep the Christmas Party bouncing all night long. Here’s a little insider to my time at a beautiful boutique hotel in Norfolk a few seasons ago.

Dates: Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights throughout December in 2016

Venue: A boutique hotel near Wroxham

Number of guests: Mostly 100-120 per night, with guests from a variety of companies most nights. Occasionally there was one large corporate party per night of 80-120 guests.

How the parties evolved: The hotel has a separate party venue with it’s own facilities set in a beautiful manicured garden. The whole venue looked very festive! With a few real Christmas trees around and all tables tastefully decorated with festive centrepieces. Upon arrival I had my pre-recorded festive blend of Christmas music from the likes of Adele, Michael Buble and Elton John playing while guests congregated in the bar area. I announced the guests to their seats just before the traditional festive meal was served. During the starter, main and dessert courses the pre-recorded mix continued. On the few occasions it was nearing the end I was always on site to make sure there was no pause in the music. There were some announcements requested to be made on the evenings of the large corporate parties, which were made by myself. I was very lucky to be given the traditional dinner whilst there, and the food was amazing! I snuck off to the staff room to devour it, so everyone knew where I was, and I was out of the way and also there was no chance of me spilling it on my equipment! As the dessert was cleared I would be back at my DJ station ready to start the night. At this point there was a coffee and mince pie station assembled to the side of the dance floor room too for anyone who desired this. Once the last table was cleared I would start the evening properly, so turn the music up to disco levels and announce the guests to the hotel again, introduce myself and ask for any requests. The most pressure I would feel whilst DJing a Christmas party was always what song would I play first? An up to date chart hit, such as Uptown Funk, or one of Jess Glynne’s many hits. Maybe a well known party classic such as Abba’s Dancing Queen. One think I know for sure is the night would start differently every night depending on the feel of the atmosphere. Reading the crowd in front of me is a skill I have mastered and am well known for. This, plus not being afraid to mix it up all night ensures all parties are fun, fresh and remembered for all the right reasons! After the initial introduction of myself I tend to ease off the microphone. If there are any announcements requested I will of course announce them! If the night needs a little help to get started I will ensure to be friendly and welcoming with my music choices, and the announcements I make on the microphone to encourage some of the more shy guests up. That said, I have been requested at other corporate events not to use the microphone and the dance floor has been just as full as if I had used it! At one of the single corporate parties I worked alongside a ceilidh band which was lots of fun! I provided the background music and introduced the band. They did one set, I played a few tracks, and then they played another set. It was up to me to ensure the last 20 minutes of the night went with a bang and everyone kept the spirits high on dance floor after they had managed to get everyone dancing! I’ve also helped provide some games at the Christmas parties and corporate events. Heads and tails is always a great ice breaker if it’s a large group of people who don’t necessarily know each other! Being an experienced host these games are fun and I ensure more interaction than simply shouting heads or tails after flipping a coin!

To concur, a DJ is likely to be your main source of entertainment at your Christmas party. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable mobile DJ in Norwich will ensure your night will go with a bang. Ensure your DJ is able to cater for a mixed crowd, especially if there are a range of ages! I say it time and time again – there are a number of DJ’s out there so be sure to find the right DJ for you by asking the potential mobile DJ questions about their experience and technique to ensure their DJ style will compliment your ideas of your party. If you know you want an interactive DJ, their confidence will ouse out over emails and phone calls. If you want a DJ who knows the latest ‘Grime’ tracks – be sure to ask them their ‘go to’ 10 tracks. You’ll soon get a feel if they’re right for you or if you need to keep searching!


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