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You’ve found your perfect venue, possibly your perfect dress and suit… Maybe even your shoes and rings. So what do you need to consider when booking your wedding DJ in Norwich?

Here are a few questions you may think to ask me as your potential wedding DJ in Norwich.

What style DJ am I?
I’m whats known as an open format DJ. This means I don’t play one genre – my mix will cover a number of genres and eras. I will always base my mix on the songs and genres you have requested. If you haven’t requested any then I’ll use my vast knowledge to play well known songs from a number of different era’s. Your guests will soon make it obvious to me what they’re wanting from the night! As you’re booking and meeting me, you know anything we’ve spoken about will be carried through to your wedding as it will be me DJing.

Have I worked at your venue before?
I have worked at a number of venues in and around East Anglia, but nowadays I provide my mobile disco in Norwich. I’ve worked in hotels, clubs, village halls, marquees and barns to name a few. If I haven’t worked in your venue before I can meet you there to discuss your requirements, or I can go and scope it out myself (if possible! You may be hiring a marquee for a piece of land only you will use)! Working at venues previously can certainly be a benefit – I’ll know what set up style works, how the day normally runs and what services are allowed in their grounds.

What’s included in my price?
The cost of my mobile disco in Norwich can be found at the bottom of this page. Included in these prices is my fully self contained mobile disco set up – a professional sound and light show with a starlit (twinkling) DJ booth. The exact set up I use may change from event to event to ensure I’m giving you and your guests the best service I can. My set up is neat and compact, but projects the music and light far and wide! That said, I don’t play at volumes loud enough for the neighbour at the end of the road to complain about. I can offer some additional services to ensure you are getting the best service from me. These services can include ceremony music, background music, microphones for speeches, additional lighting for the whole room and a confetti canon for your first dance.

How do you know I’ll play the music you want?
All my bookings have online booking management meaning you have a client portal to log in and keep and eye on your booking and let me know any details which are important for you and your wedding. From the names of your bridesmaids and ushers, to a timeline of the day it also has an excellent feature of music requests. These can be annotated to include why the song is important – was it a theme tune on your hen party or the first song you and your husband to be danced to? There’s also a separate area for ‘special songs’. The first dance, the bride and father dance and last song can be put here with a clear note stating what the song is special for. You don’t have to use this system if you prefer not to! A phone call/meeting or messages to pass me this information is just as good! Your guests can log on with their own password too to add any requests they may have. I’ll play as many of these as I can, but I’ll use my knowledge to ensure the dance floor stays as full and fresh as I can. I have an excellent reputation for reading the crowd and knowing when things need to be switched up!

How much interaction will I give to the crowd?
I’m definitely not microphone shy, however, to me a DJ who speaks every few tracks is more of an entertainer. There are often debates between DJ’s about how much microphones should be used. At weddings the microphone is an important part of the equipment – introducing the newly weds to their guests is one of the most important jobs for the DJ (in my opinion!). There are a number of announcements I make at every wedding. There have been weddings where the only microphone work I have done are these announcements. Then there are weddings where I have encouraged dancing not only through my song choices, but also with friendly chat on the microphone. If you know you won’t want much microphone work – just let me know! If you know you want a definite wedding host (more than an MC) – just say! It’s your wedding, so it’s your way!

What do I wear when I’m DJing?
I dress appropriately for all events I provide my DJ services to. At weddings I wear smart clothing. I have heard of some DJ’s arriving with caps, t shirts and shorts to weddings – don’t get me wrong – some events will suit this type of clothing. But for me, a wedding is a smart affair all round so I also compliment this! You’ll always find me with my favourite accessories at a wedding – my headphones!

What experience have I had in the past?
I’ve provided my mobile DJ service to over 400 events spanning over 10 years. Not all of this has been DJing weddings. To date I have DJ’d over 150 weddings with more booked! I absolutely love a good wedding!

How do you go about booking me?
I would love to meet you before you decide to book me! At the meeting we can chat over your wedding, find out which other suppliers you’ve booked, or are considering booking, and talk about your wedding music choices. From here I can add you to my booking system and get your log in details to my website emailed over. Your date is secured upon receipt of your retainer fee (non refundable deposit). This email will also contain a contract which is electronically signed by us both, and kept on your booking. Any questions you have at this point until your wedding I will do my best to respond to as soon as possible. If you wish to meet for a chat, that’s great! If you prefer to email at 3am when you’ve woken up thinking of something, that’s great too! However is best for you. The balance would then be due in the week leading to your wedding.

Are you part of any professional DJ organisations?
Yes indeed! I’m part of the Mobile DJ Network, which also provides my Public Liability Insurance (PLI). They hold regular meetings for mobile DJ’s in the UK. I’m also part of a local fun group – the Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex Mobile DJ Network. This is for local DJ’s to share their knowledge, ask for advice and meet up once in a while! Being part of these groups also ensures if there is an emergency there is help at hand. I’ve never had to call on these fellow DJ’s before – and I hope never to have to. But you can never say never!

How can I ensure to be the best DJ for your wedding?
Please get in touch and I’ll be happy to let you know why I would like to be considered amongst the best DJ choice for your wedding!

Thank you for reading this blog post – please feel free to share it around your friends and family. If you have any other questions you would like to ask, please do!! I can always add more here – and reply direct to you too!


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