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As an experienced Corporate DJ in Norfolk, every once in a while I get a phone call from a potential client looking to trial a new idea to bring their ideas to customers in an exciting and fun way. At the end of October I had exactly this! A phone call from a Norwich University of Arts (NUA) student who was organising and ¬†hosting a Fashion & Beauty Event for Autumn / Winter 2018. The evening was particularly aimed at young people and students. A quick chat on the phone made me super excited to be part of this event. There were amazing cocktails upon arrival from Lullaby Inc, a pick of the top fashion for AW18 for young people, beauty ideas (and a few deals!), a selfie station, a conversation with Norwich Drag artist; Sylvia Daze and a set from the hugely talented Emily Frith.¬†Obviously I was very keen to be part of this evening in a supportive role to Emily and help ensure the best atmosphere for the event. Here’s a little insight to what’s involved with hiring an experienced corporate DJ wanting to make every event a massive success!

Date: A Thursday evening at the start of November 2018

Venue: Floor 1 of Jarrold, Norwich

Number of guests / visitors to the event: A massive amount of students and their friends, fashion and beauty bloggers, and some late night shoppers wanting to see what the hype was about

How the night evolved: Prior to the student event the organiser and I had arranged to meet each other in Jarrold just a short while before I was due to start. Upon arrival to the store and meeting the organiser for the first time, we both assessed where she would like me to set up and what equipment was actually required. I’ve provided enough mobile discos and my corporate DJ services in shops and halls to know it’s always a great idea to take more equipment than perhaps realised! This particular event was no different. I used the table provided by Jarrold at the request of the organiser – people love to watch a DJ ‘in the mix’ rather than hide the magic behind a screen as per most of my other mobile gigs! There were speakers provided by Jarrold. Unfortunately these weren’t possible to use by me, or Emily the singer. Luckily this was no issue at all as I had my speaker system with me which meant Emily and I could share these to provide music for the whole event. I hadn’t realised to start with, but Emily’s sound technician was trying to arrange a last minute hire of speakers, not realising I was arranging using the delivery lift to bring my speakers to the area we were both set up in. It took just a few moments to get my equipment up and running to ensure there was music playing while we sorted out how Emily was going to have her guitar and vocals through my system. A few cable changes and spare microphone provided from my box of magic and she was also set to go with plenty of time to spare and relax before her set. As soon as Emily was up and running I started to DJ fully. I mixed a range of music from 90’s, 00’s and current chart music all night, with a few remixes thrown in for fun and to mirror the feel of the evening of the very talented students. After a short while the conversation with Sylvia Daze was underway. As this was just a few meters away from where the disco equipment was set up I completely turned my speakers off for this time. After the conversation and a little more mixing by me, Emily provided her amazing set. Whilst she was singing I went and had a look around the floor the event was being provided on. There was a real buzz about the whole floor and I was very excited to be a part of it! The hanging advert posters were provided by the NUA students. The models, photographers and stylists of these posters were all NUA students – and the posters were better than some ‘professional’ adverts I’ve seen in shops. The cocktail I was invited to try was absolutely delicious! I then finished the evening with a selection of music. Towards the end of the JarroldxNUA event I had students, shoppers and shop assistants all come and comment to say how much they had enjoyed my DJ style, and mix of music. They also commented how my work had very much complimented the event the NUA students put on – which is always super flattering to hear! Emily, her sound technician and the organiser were all relieved to have me there to ensure Emily was using a good PA for her sets!


I am certain my background of providing many a student night disco in clubs and halls helped me ensure the music played is what the organisers were wanting. And also knowing it’s better to be safe rather than sorry with the amount of equipment to take with me to any corporate event! Planning ahead of any event means I can be prepared to help with most eventualities where required, and certainly comes with experience. The collaboration of JarroldxNUA was one I was very pleased to be part of with my corporate DJ service.

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