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A local retailer, Simply Sound & Lighting, was offering a chance to test and review the new Humpter UK Pro DJ Console. Obviously I jumped at the chance – who doesn’t love trying out new equipment! It is a new style DJ booth for Mobile DJ’s which looks very fresh and clean. Below is my findings of the DJ console.

I collected the booth in my car and was very pleased to say it fitted with ease. Just 4 small padded bags (considering it is a DJ booth). My very first impression at this point was a very good one. Although I believe the bags will wear very quickly which the end panels are contained, There are a couple of corners which are pushed directly into the corners of the bags and so will be a stress point. Having had a few DJ booths over the years and worn out countless bags from travelling, this is a fairly important part of the ownership of the DJ booth to me. If the bags were to wear away the booth itself will become battered. With some alternative booths I don’t feel this would be an issue as the booth frame is covered, where as with the Humpter Pro DJ console you can see every part of the booth. This is not to say the booth is not well made – it is extremely well built!

When I went to set up the DJ booth I was without instructions… Nothing like making life a little harder yourself!! I did watch a quick YouTube video and this made it look super easy. I’m pleased to say the DJ booth is indeed very easy to assemble. It goes together with the 2 end stands being held together with a couple of cross beams on the front, one of which is branded with the Humpter logo. There is a shelf which slots onto the end panels and a front panel which screws into place on the cross beams. The whole DJ booth is held together using chunky screws. According to the Humpter website, the Pro DJ console is available in a few different colours with a few accessories for DJ items such as lights, monitors and a TV on the front. I really like the black I tested with the glass front panel. This was absolutely perfect for the 18th birthday party I was going to DJ that night.

Once I had set up the DJ booth, along with the rest of my equipment, I stood back to take a good look at it. I was massively impressed. There was a massive amount of space for my controller (67cm wide), the front looked very smart and the whole booth was sturdy and ready for a good party. I did have one bug bear with it – the amount of wires you could see from the under front and if I stood slightly to an angle. The mobile DJ booth doesn’t cover from the floor meaning the spaghetti junction of wires I normally cover up is on view. Obviously in the dark this isn’t a big issue, but something to perhaps be aware of if you’re considering this booth for use at a wedding. The sides are also open which is a fair bit different to my current mobile DJ booth and did make me feel a little on show as if I was working in a nightclub haha. Although to be fair, this feeling did pass very quickly and I was well on my way to falling in love with it! It has some brilliant features built in – one side a head phone holder slides out. I used this for a few minutes with my headphones, but it was a brilliant place to store my excess velcro straps! The other end of the booth had a slide out cup holder. This is excellent – it’s in an easy to reach place but it won’t allow the drink to be knocked over as it works in the same way as a car cup holder. I tested it out with a pint of water, and I’m pleased to say the pint glass fitted in with ease! All night the booth was very sturdy. I didn’t have any drunk guests fall into the booth at this party, but if they had I’m sure the booth would have held them up as well as my other equipment!

All in all, this DJ booth is excellent, and it makes a nice change to the twinkling star cloth booths which are all around currently. It is well built, it’s clearly had a DJ work with the concept of the idea and it’s quick and easy to set up and take down. Having now looked at the website, there is an accessory of a bottom panel to cover the booth from the floor. Goodbye untidy wires!! For me, this DJ booth is excellent for shop promotions, private parties and other ‘fun’ events which aren’t necessarily weddings. I feel the booth is a bit too much of a statement piece to be at a wedding in Norfolk where a lot of the venues I work in are barns, and a lot of rustic themes for peoples weddings. But that said, when I’m next looking to purchase a DJ booth I’ll be giving this a good look.

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