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One of my favourite’s – a Norwich Prom to DJ and provide my mobile disco at! Prom’s, or school leavers discos, are a right of passage in today’s high schools. They’re the event pupils can have a big part of planning, if not fully plan themselves. It’s the time to celebrate the end of GCSE’s and the start of being more grown up, and perhaps more responsible?!

Norwich Prom Disco’s will no doubt be the talk of most school’s right now. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel in the midst of revision and test taking. The girls will be dreaming of becoming the Prom Queen, the boys may be a little more interested in finding their inner swag, If you’re reading this as a teacher – I take my hat off to you for guiding the pupils this far in education – and now is your chance to party with them! My stance on a Norwich Prom Disco is to focus on the pupils and their requests but to drop the well known classics for the teachers (and pupils) to enjoy. I’m impressed with the number of teachers I’ve seen join in with the Macarena!

There are so many decisions to make when arranging a prom (and this is only the organising of the actual prom!). I do believe the best place to start is deciding whether the to have the Prom Disco in the school, or hiring a separate venue. I’ve provided many a Norwich Prom Disco in both settings and both settings are as good as each other! Your school may well have a preference with the venue, so ensure you follow their wishes! They will be hosting this no matter where the venue is, so if you respect their wishes from the start, they will respect your wishes in return.

If you’re researching DJ’s for your Norwich Prom Disco you’ll be pleased to know I follow all the latest trends in music, I work in bars and clubs every week in Norwich and I continue to provide Norwich Prom’s with my disco every year – with many repeat schools! Your booking would come complete with my fully self contained mobile disco including professional sound and light show. I have all of my music with me, and know the tunes to start to build a dancefloor. You’ll also have a log in to my website where you can create a playlist for your prom. From here you can build a picture of the songs you and your classmates would love to listen to. If you’ve already created a playlist elsewhere, just send me the link and I’ll follow it from there! I love to bring a club vibe to Norwich Prom Disco’s. After all – you’ve succeeded in making it this far in your education so you deserve the best party to finish this chapter! I don’t over use the microphone – I’ll announce anything which requires it, but I definitely won’t be ‘that cheesy mobile DJ’ who announces every track. Mostly because I’ll be too busy playing the tunes you want to dance to.


Having been to my own prom, and helped to plan other school’s proms here are a few pointers to help ensure you’ve kick started your prom:

Firstly, involve your parents, family and friends! You may have a budget in mind as prom’s can be as expensive as you are prepared to make them. From new outfits to traveling to the event, paying for the ticket to get in and possible purchasing of photos at the venue you may need a few favours from the folks! Girl’s – don’t forget to check out Groupon for salon’s offering deals in time for your prom if you’re wishing to have the full salon experience in preparation. Perhaps one of your peers is going on to study being a beauty technician? Let them make you over for your prom! Or you could even get ready all together. Boys; sorry I don’t have a tip for you here, but Moss Bros have a good site if you’re struggling to find your inner swag! Girls – The French Connection Baani Fringe Beaded Tunic Dress here is to die for!

A group worth following is Prom Nation Norwich. They are a local campaign to collect new and pre-loved prom dresses, shoes, accessories and boys suits. These items will then be available to teens across Norfolk to wear in confidence for prom and beyond. They’ve already hosted their open days for this year, but they’ll be back again soon!

If you need to make any reservations try to do this as soon as you can. Norwich Prom’s are becoming more and more popular and the popular services are likely to be booked up quickly.

Do you have a prom date? Chances are this was decided before you even knew the date of your prom. Make sure you keep each other informed of times, locations – maybe even your corsage so your date can coordinate their boutonnieres – no one wants to clash in the photos!

A group chat is always.a fun place to scroll. Perhaps consider one for you and your friends so you can organise your prom party with ease. From arranging the times and places you need to meet, to anyone needing some help finding recommendations. If someone’s parent is being the chauffeur home, ensure they know what time the Prom Disco finishes, and where you’re going to meet them.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s your school prom – a place to completely let your hair down amongst friends, it’s not your wedding where you need to ensure every fine detail runs exactly as you expect 😉


This image was taken from a Norwich School Prom a couple of years ago at the gorgeous Kimberley Hall, working on behalf of Softley Events.

Thank you for reading this quick Norwich Prom Disco blog. Feel free to share, and if you would like to discuss your prom disco further with me, please do get in touch. I’m not a hard sales person at all, and I’ll probably get as excited as you about your prom over the phone! The information I require to be able to give you a quote is the date, times and venue. If it’s easier to drop me an email, feel free, my contact details are at the top of the page.

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