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Have you been considering surprising your wedding reception guests with a first dance mashup? If so, you’ll need an equally as great mashup track! Make sure you turn your sound up!

Whether you’re having myself, a live band or maybe even a fellow DJ for the rest of your wedding reception I can provide the track in .mp3 form for you and your partner to practise to.

My years of experience in providing DJ mixes in a host of settings means you can pass any track you want, in the order you want and ask me to ‘do my thing’. Getting technical – I have DJ edits and DJ stingers which allow me to transition between tracks quite effectively (in most cases!!) The not so technical explanation – I can put pretty much any part of any track then move to any other part of any track without a huge gap or ‘car crash’ of a mix! (technical term!)


You’ll be hearing a small snippet on this blog from a lovely lady who has her wedding later this year. She asked the social media’s for recommendations of a DJ who can provide a first dance mashup. I was very flattered to be recommended and even more so to be contacted by the lady to sort her wedding reception first dance mashup.

This particular mashup had 8 tracks provided – with a time frame of as close to 5 minutes as possible to get the tunes all mashed together. No pressure! Haha.

There are a few things to consider when wanting to mashup songs. Are the bpm (beats per minute) roughly the same? If not, I’ll need to be creative in order to get the transition sounding great. The transition between tracks need to be quick but effective. If you’re choreographing a track, a big gap between songs is ‘dead space’ – how can you dance to that?!

There were certain parts of some of these songs which were a definite to be featured, either as a request from the bride, or from myself wanting the parts of the tracks people can identify. With am awesome set of tunes and some good cue points set I went about getting the track recorded.

Attempt one was great, but I needed to redo one part of a track the bride had requested. No problem at all – a quick re-record and everyone was happy. Once I had recorded the track I sent over small snippets to the bride to ensure she was liking my work so far… The comments I received at this point were amazing! I was getting as excited as the bride to send it over to her!

A quick email sent – and received – and the first comment I had back was

“Omg it’s incredible”

That to me is what is was all about!

Further comments were “It’s just amazing! Can’t stop listening to it!”


With the song choices they had for their first dance mashup I’m slightly gutted I’m not their wedding DJ! But just as pleased to be able to help with a small but important part of their day. If you are interested in chatting about having a wedding reception first dance mashup created please get in touch!

Image credit: Tim Stephenson photography – yes that is a picture of me. Yes I know I’m looking crazy, but I do love to dance in my spare time!

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