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Are you looking for a DJ to hire? There are so many places a DJ can help set the right tone for you, and even your business. But it can be hard to know where to start looking. This is a blog to hopefully help with where to start.

If you’re really lucky you’ll know a great DJ so can speak to them about your needs, failing this a great start is to ask friends and family for actual recommendations.

Some DJ’s are specialists in the type of work they provide. Some may have a particular genre they play, and some may only provide their DJ services in a club setting. With this in mind you are best to try and establish what you would like from your DJ. A mix of all music through the decades? Would you like the music blended and mixed together? Would you like to ensure your DJ speaks throughout the night to you and your guests? I’ve written a blog on the most frequently asked questions I receive which can be found here. I also have a fair bit of information dotted about my website – but I do love a chat to discuss your event! My contact details are above.

I’ve put music together for all sorts of events, settings, playlists and work. I pride myself on being open format and extremely flexible in my approach. I’m not just a wedding DJ playing all the disco classics, but I do love to play them alongside some newer tunes. This definitely makes for a fun and impromptu dance floor!

The mix I’ve popped on this page was for a jet skier who shares his river antics on YouTube. The track he sent over as his starting point was In My Mind ~ Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino with the brief of ‘house remixes’. His videos are usually around 1 minute long featuring the highlights of his travels. I used a mixture of transitions, kept the songs fairly long and kept some mixes long, some short so he can pick and choose what he would want to use on his videos. As he will want just parts of the mix I also sent him this in an mp3 format to allow him to chop and change as he wishes,  All my mixes can be found on Mixcloud and Kuvo. Kuvo also has the complete track list for the mix. Also, spot the mistake of me dropping a track on the wrong deck in this mix – oops!!

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