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Being a DJ in Norwich I do believe the expectation of my life vs the reality of my life is quite different! When people find out I’m a DJ often the first thing they say is “Wow! That is so cool” If only they knew the truth I often jest. So here is an off the cuff list of expectations vs reality of life being a DJ…

(I probably should make a note here these views are purely mine and my friends and family. And my life is definitely not a reflection of any other DJ whether that’s mobile, bar or club!)


  • You must be so cool

Some people think because I DJ in a variety of venues around Norwich I must be cool. I get to hang out with some ‘cool’ people, but again this is subjective! Other people think because I know myself and like my (newish) life that I’m cool. I guess with this I am. I am who I am, I love life and I’ll always make the best out of a situation. If you consider me watching daytime TV during the week while running round after my 3 and 12 year old cool – trust me, I am the most cool! Good job this wasn’t about being cool headed, I’m unsure everybody would think I’m always cool headed haha.

  • You must know all the best music

Well isn’t this a subjective statement! I know what tunes I like to listen to, but I guarantee these aren’t the new tunes my mum, nor 12 year old daughter want to listen to! Just because I’m a DJ and love Riton x Oliver Heldens new track, doesn’t mean the wedding I’m DJing at want to hear it!

  • You must know the best places to go in Norwich?!

Hmmm… Well I would like to think so. If you’re 18, wanting to be in the influencer circles, head to Mantra. If you’re any age and want to hear the cheesiest of cheese, head to Popworld! There are so many other venues, all with their own style, all lots of fun. Random fact, best place for a pint of Guinness – head to  Butcher Bhoy

  • Who sings this track?

I mean, I know I listen to, find and play awesome tunes numerous times a week, however, even I love the app Shazam! The joys of modern DJ software is the search function allowing you to search the whole of all of the track name and artist. If I know it’s called the Cha Cha Slide, I don’t need to remember who it’s by! (DJ Casper?!)

  • You must know my DJ friend _______

Yes I’m a DJ, yes I know a fair few local DJ’s. But I don’t know ever single DJ in Norwich. Chances are they’re DJing at the same time as I am. Although knowing a few of the DJ’s around Norwich means I do get invited to local DJ meets occasionally so get to rub shoulders with the Norwich DJ elite (also known as NDJM!)

All in all, I’m no music encyclopaedia! I’m not massively ‘cool’ but I do love my job. I do also take a huge amount of pride in my work and have many a happy client base who call on me time and time again to take care of all their music needs. The day to day life of me as a mummy to 2 daughters means my life is nothing like the influencer DJ’s you see on Instagram!

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