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I was chatting to a friend the other day when she almost made me spit my tea out my mouth with a story of falling over ‘in da club’ followed by “you must have seen some funny things happen on dance floors, you’re a DJ!”. It got me thinking, yup I’ve seen some funny things. And had some amazing memorable moments too. So here’s a little vision of my world as a DJ. I won’t name where these happened, or what type of gig they’re from – but it is a variety of places and events! Some are fond memories. Some are funny. Some are weird. I think the followers of my snapchat and social medias have had an insight to these moments….!

The first time I had a recognition as DJ Sebina. I won”t forget it. Minding my own business in a shop, then someone coming up asking ‘are you DJ Sebina?’ I was so excited, flattered and embarrassed haha.I do still love it to this day, but it definitely doesn’t happen often.

I always get the full frontal at a party with a stripper (sucks to be me!) Every time, I’m the first one to get this view. Purely because I’m normally positioned opposite the ‘audience’ so I see the moments before the stripper turns round with a carefully positioned towel/flag/any item of cloth to help keep them a little covered in front of the crowd.

I had a number of bookings over a few weeks time from midnight until 4.30am. The first event was amazing fun, lots of drunk people just dancing and stumbling. The second one ended in a fight between high up management of the venue, and a few of the guests. I was home by 1.30am after seeing a number of police cars on my way home! Spoke to the venue the following week and the staff member of the venue had a corker of a black eye – oops!

A specific track was requested prior to an event. That track was then requested on the night of the event. A ‘gentleman’ then stripped completely naked on the dance floor in front of everyone. This was a common occurrence for the elder gentleman mentioned at gatherings involving alcohol!

Waiting for an important person to come back at the end of the night before the last song, playing I will wait by Mumford & Sons. Yes, all the people there understood my sense of humour!

A lady was clearly too hot at an event. And so continued to take her tights off in front of the DJ booth. Then threw them and carried on dancing as if nothing happened.

Grown men are still good at sliding into the dance floor on their knees. Regardless of age. They often have a look of pain in their eyes afterwards when they remember they’re not 5 years old.

I’ve seen countless ladies fall from their heels. I’ve seen countless injuries from broken glass, and seen too many drunk people sway and rock whilst stood still (they’re my favourite to watch!)

And let’s not forget the many fights and brawls I’ve seen. Luckily I can stay in the background and not be dragged into it at all.

I also get to see some delights on my way to the car/van after a gig, plus in the Scottish fast food chain after a gig! It’s amazing the number who fall asleep in restaurants at 5am! I have many a laugh at this.

Most favourite moment for a while. When a friend made reference to Dane Cook with… Tonight man, screw chicks… I just wanna dance What a video!

Thank you for reading, my life as a DJ is pretty fun! If you wish to see my sensible side, I suggest popping over to this blog of Q&A

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